Turkey is a destination that can be visited year round. Temperatures in Turkey during the Northern Hemisphere summer are generally high, particularly during the summer months from June through September.

Program Itenirary

Day 1
Welcome to Istanbul, airport ,transfer and check-in

Day 2
Mosques in Suleymaniye
Rustem Pasha Mosque
Tea break at Seyr-i Istanbul
Suleymaniye Mosque
Lecture in Suleymaniye Library
Lunch at Daruzziyafe Restaurant

Day 3
Mosques in the Anatolian Side
Mihrimah Sultan, Ahmediye and Semsi Pasha Mosques
Lunch at Kanaat Restaurant
Shakirin and Atik Valide Mosques
Lecture in Atik Valide complex or İSAM(Bağlarbaşı, Üsküdar)

Day 4
Mosques along the Bosphorus
Nusretiye Mosque
Bosphorus Boat Tour
Sabancı Museum visit
Lunch at Sabancı Museum
Emirgan Mosque

Day 5
Mosques in Besiktas
Sinan Pasha and Abdul- hamid Mosques
Workshop in IRCICA
Lunch at Ortakoy Housecafe
Ortakoy Mosque
Tea break in Ortakoy

Day 6
Mosques in Sultan Ahmet
Sultan Ahmet Mosque
Lunch at Haseki Sultan Hammam
Summing up, tea break and certificates in Marmara University (Sultanahmet)

Day 7

Check-out, free time and Airport Transfer